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Where in Bergen do you find yourself feeling the best?

The old houses and the street structure in the area are in themselves and the living museum of the medieval city of Bergen. The urban structure is particularly important to take care of also in the development of the area.


Den historiske hovedferdselsåren Kong Oscars gate, sammen med gatene Domkirkegaten (Broen) og Skostredet er tre av de eldste gateløpene i Bergen, og er dermed en viktig del av denne strukturen. I både gatene og de gamle husene langs disse gatene er bevaring gjennom bruk av disse bygningene noe av det viktigste som viderefører historien til området. Så når det skal bygges nye bygg langs og imellom disse husene er det viktig at det ikke vokser frem på bekostning av det som allerede er her, men tvert imot tillegger nye og gode kvaliteter til området.

The historic main road artery Kong Oscars gate, together with the streets Domkirkegaten (Broen) and Skostredet are three of the oldest street races in Bergen, and are thus an important part of this structure. In both the streets and the old houses along these streets, preservation through the use of these buildings is one of the most important things that carry on the history of the area. So when building new buildings along and between these houses, it is important that they do not grow at the expense of what is already here, but on the contrary add new and good qualities to the area.

With its surrounding area, Skostredet today forms one of the city’s most vibrant and distinctive city centers. The area’s flourishing over the last decade has invited several shops and event / dining venues into these streets and up to the Cathedral Street. Literature House, Amalie Skramshus and Østre make the area a cultural center of gravity. The quarter itself is still today the least densely populated in Vågsbunnen with large parts of its backyard in use as a parking space. This has on several occasions provided the opportunity to arrange various space-demanding events such as Night Jazz, Festival Games, Bergen Pride (the rainbow days) and Bergen Beer festival and the Bicycle World Cup, right in the center between the old wooden houses.

« If you want to experience the hippest in Bergen, it is Skostredet you have to go to. This is Bergen's answer to Covent Garden, just a little more idyllic. The Skostredet is informal and relaxed. At the same time, there are a lot of people here, and I think even more will come here. »

– Camilla Cecilie Haeve

The website specializes in nightlife, fashion, culture and music in Bergen, and describes Skostredet as a street with music, life and stir. If you are looking for second-hand and vintage stores, you have gone right. It is also a very cultural part of the city. Here you will find several galleries with contemporary art, says Christoffersen.

One of them is the sound gallery Østre, which often turns into a party-tuned club scene with electronic music when darkness falls. Or you can go to the Literature House, where in addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner you can bring exciting debates and lectures.

Then you can round off the day at the ice cream and cocktail bar Hallaisen, the retro bar Tempo Tempo, or the popular bar Folk og Røvere which in 2007 became a “pub that everyone would go to”