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Pallas innovation development department for brand new projects.

This department is headed by Sigbjørn Hæve

Welcome to Nordåsdalen 13

Pallas as also has its own development department for brand new projects. These are in the so-called mechatronics – combination of electronics and mechanics. In Nordåsdalen you will find entrepreneurial activity, which we hope will result in more new and innovative products.

We have a widespread, and in some areas, a ‘State of art’ expertise in the combination of electronics and related software. This has resulted in several good products developed at our department in Nordåsdalen, just outside Bergen.

The department disposes of modern development equipment in electronics as well as several CNC machines for the production of necessary mechanical parts. There are ongoing projects – especially in 3D and visualization technology. The projects are often supported by the Research Council through, among other things, SkatteFunn.