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Hans Tanks Kvartalet Area

about the project

Planning work in historical area where it is desired to be organized for hotels, housing and commercial areas. The goal is also to safeguard and strengthen the function of the quarter, which is a publicly accessible urban space. Elfrida Bull Bene is currently working with A-Stab on a new zoning plan for the Hans Tanks quarter.

The Kvartalet is a unique area in Bergen that contains a structure and a building environment in historical span from the Middle Ages, when the Vågsbunnen was gradually filled up, until the beginning of the 1900s, when brick-and-mortar buildings came up in the direction of the Cathedral Street. This historically important and central urban space is intended to continue and enhance its use, to the benefit of the city’s residents and users of the quarter.

With respect for the area’s historic buildings and medieval structure, it is desired to change the current zoning plan for the area, so that the new buildings to a greater extent continue the unique character and potential of the area. Here, a combination of housing, commercial properties and hotels is investigated. Today’s parking lot will be completely taken away and replaced by houses and widely accessible outdoor areas.

In partnership with:
Byantikvar, Byarkitekter Bergen