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For those who know more about our ongoing projects.

There are a number of plans and renovation and new construction projects in the area, under the direction of Pallas Eiendom. Østre Skostredet today houses the Literaturhuster (Literature House) and the Sound Gallery – completely rehabilitated buildings. The municipality has also initiated rehabilitation and renovation of the district’s public and public spaces. The Skostredet is described as a “hidden gem”, and a future district in the center of Bergen, with great opportunities and development potential.

The real estate company has two hotel projects underway in the center. Here is the overview of what is going on in projects over the next few years.

Architectural studio Elfrida Bull Bene is proud to have helped design a new hotel in such a central and historically important place. Criteria for the project have been a good way to meet desires where surroundings and antiquarian considerations have been leading the building’s height, facade rhythm and materiality.

Skostredet 3–5 stands off to buildings towards Skostredet as well as a back building. The project was carried out in the dialog with the city antiquarian, who is also the tenant in the building.

Historical area where it is desired to be organized for hotels, housing and commercial areas. The goal is also to safeguard and strengthen the function of the quarter, which is a publicly accessible urban space.

Shoemaker hotel in Skostredet will become a cultural hotel and will play on the cultural life that already exists in Skostredet. The plan is to combine the old with the new. The cultural hotel will be constructed above ground level, at what were previously five different addresses in Skostredet.